uDrove® Prime User

A business Solution that keeps your fleet on the road and not at a desk.

Using the functionality of a smart phone, uDrove® Prime replaces in-cab paperwork by providing a simple, easy-to-use tool that allows fleet managers to keep up to date locations on a driver. You are able to manage driver logs, track mileage for tax purposes, record fuel/business expenses and even complete a vehicle inspection and proof of delivery.

uDrove® Prime provides an, easy-to-use, compliance management tool for the transportation industry that works with iOS and Android systems.

  • Electronically stored and easily retrieved
  • Simple to Use
  • Faster processing
  • More accurate records

uDrove® equals more efficient use of time for trucking companies and drivers.

Benefits for uDrove® Prime Members

Trucking Companies

• Real-Time Management

• Electronic Logs

• Fuel Tax & Registration Data

• Faster Processing

• Simple Administration


• Driver Logs

• Mileage & Load Tracking

• Proof of Delivery

• Fuel & Business Expenses

• Vehicle Inspections

uDrove® Prime is a subscription-based service. For a low monthly subscription you can access all of the information gathered on your phone and your web account. Within the account you can view and edit daily logs, access your fuel and mileage summary for easy IFTA reporting, manage your expenses and track drivers.

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