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A business Solution that keeps your fleet on the road and not at a desk.

Using the functionality of a smart phone and an automatic on-board recording device (AOBRD), uDrove® replaces in-cab paperwork by providing a simple, easy-to-use, yet powerful, tool that allows fleet managers to keep up to date locations on a driver. You are able to manage driver logs, track mileage for tax purposes, record fuel/business expenses and even complete a vehicle inspection and proof of delivery.

uDrove® Pro provides an, easy-to-use, compliance management tool for the transportation industry that works with iOS and Android systems.

uDrove® Pro is also an excellent driver compliance tool for both owner-operators and company drivers, and the perfect management tool for fleet managers and office personnel.

Now with Engine Diagnostics!

uDrove® provides critical engine performance data with our Pro solution.

This application gives companies the tools they need through reports on speeding, idling, hard braking, rapid acceleration and more. Your ROI will be immediate by utilizing this diagnostic tool.

uDrove® Pro is the most cost-effective and compact AOBRD solution on the market!

Benefits for uDrove® Pro Members

Enhanced Customer Service

With a Pro unit, you will be able to track the whereabouts of a load and relay that to your customers.

Improve Fuel Economy

Check each truck for idling times, decreased speeds and find the optimized routes for each truck.

Lower Operation Costs

See all records on a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. Say good-bye to paper logs.

Comply with Regulations

Meet the CSA regulatory compliance in three key areas: unsafe driving, fatigued driving and vehicle maintenance.

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