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Technology to help you and your clients succeed.

Whether you need to track one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, and measure productivity accurately, uDrove® Pro has the capability to ensure your operations are safer and more efficient. uDrove® Pro's web-based and telematics solution is perfectly suited to give you the measurement and reporting tools you need to lower costs, become more efficient and safer, deliver better service to your customers, and comply with government regulations and environmental standards.

uDrove® Pro is an excellent driver compliance tool for both owner-operators and company drivers, and the perfect management tool for fleet managers and office personnel.

Check out how uDrove® Pro can help you succeed:
  • Real-Time Vehicle Tracking
  • Vehicle Telemetry & Diagnostics
  • Back-Office Integration
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Driver Performance Management
Benefits for Service Bureaus

When your clients use the uDrove® Pro and Prime tools, data collection, data reporting, and record keeping for compliance will be greatly simplified for you and your client.

No more un-readable hand-written paper documents or bad clarity of FAXed documents to deal with, resulting in reduced time spent contacting your clients to clarify these issues.

All data is received electronically, and in formats that are accurate and legible.

Greatly reduce the amount of time and effort that goes into manually entering your client's data.

Help your clients maintain and improve their Carrier and Driver Safety ratings as well as enhancing and simplifying compliance with vehicle maintenance regulations.

uDrove® Pro is also fully integrated with the only Service Bureau Management Software on the market.

AOBRD options available for heavy duty and light duty vehicles.

How uDrove® will benefit your clients.

Fleet/Trucking Co.

Real Time Management - allows you to manage drivers with location tracking and immediate access to submitted data including logs, mileage, inspections, expense and delivery reports. Driver information is available on any computer with internet access, at anytime. No more lost paperwork.

Electronic Records - data can be stored electronically for paperless filing and easy retrieval.

Fuel Tax and Registration Data - summarizes and calculates fuel and mileage data needed for tax and registration filings. Tracks tax liability on a daily basis.

Faster Processing - Reports, data and photographs are instantly available allowing functions like billing, maintenance scheduling, expense tracking, and hours of service compliance to be processed quickly, reducing expenses and maximizing cash flow.

Simple Administration - easily add and delete drivers. Reports are just a click away.


Driver Logs - Easily indicate and change duty status at the touch of a button creating a computer-assisted driver log. Available driving hours are continuously calculated and displayed, with a warning as you approach an hours violation.

Mileage Tracking - Using the GPS, automatically document miles by beginning location, travel routes and state mileage for easy fuel tax recording.

Proof of Delivery - Record instant, indisputable confirmation for every delivered load, including time and location. Data is instantly available on the web and can speed up billing and cash flow by weeks.

Fuel and Business Expenses - Provides ability to capture fuel purchase data, photograph receipts, and easily view a summary on the web account to assist in generating IFTA and Mileage Tax reports. Track business expenses, including time and location, ensuring that records are categorized, totaled and easily accessible to your bookkeeper.

Vehicle Inspections - Electronically record and submit DVIR inspections instantly, even snap a picture of any defect.

Load Tracking - Provide customer with temporary, real-time load tracking from pick up to delivery, without the cost of expensive satellite systems.

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"uDrove® is the only tool I've seen that eases the burden of compliance both in the cab and back at the office, without the cost of a lot of expensive equipment.”

- Dave Gray, President
Glostone Trucking Solutions

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